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Our sticks are highly recommended by Arnis and martial arts experts for their appearance and style as well as strength for training and demonstrations.



I am Grandmaster Rodillo ‘Rodel B. Dagooc, a founder-organizer of Dagooc Arnis System (D.A.S.), a coordinated system of hands and feet techniques with superb mind-setting stance that goes hand in hand with stick fighting aptitude. I would like to introduce an arnis stick fighting system which I have developed and founded in 2010 as a culmination of my painstaking hard-work and lifetime dedication to the art, and as an apex of my career considering my long-standing experiences and hard-earned achievements to this martial art discipline.

Official website of Arnis Grandmaster Rodel “Smokingsticks” Dagooc and Smoking Sticks Arniscane Maker. Smoking Sticks offers high quality arnis sticks, arnis uniforms, training knives, training swords, and weapons; kerambit, karate belts, dummy swords, dummy knives, and other arnis martial arts equipments and gears.

Smoking Sticks was founded by world renowned Eskrimador Rodillo “Rodel” aka “Smokingsticks” Dagooc, who is an Arnis Martial Arts master. We only sell Arnis weapons & equipments that are used and tested by us. Our sticks are highly recommended by Arnis and martial arts experts for their appearance and touch as well as toughness for trainings and demos.

Smoking Sticks Arnis Cane Maker have been providing the highest quality of Arnis sticks and other martial arts weapons and gears. Since 1974, Arnis Grand Master Rodillo “Smokingsticks” Dagooc started the production of Arnis sticks and have been recognized as the top exporter of these products not only in the Philippines but also to other countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Japan, China, and more.

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